The One and the Many

Three Monkeys (Üç maymun) (2008)

I watched this film last night. It's one I've been meaning to for some time but no one I ever sit down with seems to find it particularly interesting sounding to watch. I admit the synopsis sounds a little serious. The film itself is serious too. It shows life as so intense and interesting. Shots on people's faces as they stare out and worry and think. Feels to me that life is never so intense. Reminds me of some of Tarkovsky's films. No rush for anything to happen.

One of the reasons I like this director (though I've only seen one other of his films, Climates (Iklimler) (2006)) is his visuals are so beautiful and somehow vibrant. I don't know if it's the coloured lens (if that's what it is, there seems to be some kind of tint in this film that makes it surreal looking), but even just a close up of a face is somehow beautiful and more interesting. The camera is examining the face. More than plot or characters the film itself is interesting on its own. One could watch this without sound or dialogue and enjoy it.

There is one shot I saw that caused me to want to see this film. It's a shot of the house where a majority of the film takes place, and one of the main characters is on the roof looking out at the sea. And there's a thunderstorm in the distance. It is just kind of haunting and strange.

You can see the shot at the very beginning of the trailer.