The One and the Many


I'm currently a vegetarian. I've been so fully for probably a year or so, though I've wanted to and started to for a while before that.

Sometimes people ask me why I am. I wanted to record my thoughts on the matter here. I think it is useful to do this because it will not always be easy to remember why I do something. You start to lose your original perspective.

I'm not trying to preach to people to do the same. It's my choice. I do refer jokingly to meat as murder but that is really only a joke rather than trying to preach, though I can see how it might come across as preaching.

In no particular order then:

Probably the most important to me is the planet point, followed by the animal point.

I'd quite like to be vegan too, because I think eating animal products has many of the above problems too. However it seems very difficult to me. I already am not very good at feeding myself for one thing. But there is also the problem of going out to eat anywhere. It is often difficult enough to find anything vegetarian. Going out with anyone would mean there would be very little for me to eat, unless we were to always go to places that served vegan food which is not so common.

There are problems with being vegetarian too:


Posted by Toshiro Mifune at
All good points, but I'll still take the medium rare bone-in Ribeye over the salad all day. Mmmm.