The One and the Many

Why I like Go

Recently I have been using the programming language Go for most of my personal projects. It is my current favoured language.

I have gone through a number of languages to get to this point. For a long time I have been on the lookout for a language that meets my personal requirements.

My goal is to have a language I can use for most projects and become proficient in. While I know and use multiple languages I like to have one that I reach to by default. I like to become proficient with one language and its tooling.

Some of my personal requirements

My progression through languages for this purpose

Other languages I considered

I had comments on why I like and dislike each of these languages but I can't do them justice without making this list huge.

Why I like Go

This list is in roughly descending order of the importance I place on each.


Not that I would call the language perfect, but it is the one that best meets my needs right now. The biggest positive about the language is the emphasis on simplicity and simple practices. The acknowledgement that writing software is difficult enough and cleverness and complexity need to be guarded against.